Sunday, March 1, 2009

Upcoming Guild Meeting -- March 21

Our guest this month is Vera Hannaford, author of Vera's Crafty Blog - a local blog that details the on-going projects of one of Charleston's most prolific crochet-ers. If you knit or crochet, if you love yarns and patterns and finding new sources of both, you will find Vera to be a wealth of information and inspiration.

Vera combines her passion for a traditional craft many of us learned from our grandmothers with an up-to-the minute command of technology resources for crafters -- her internationally followed blog is just one case in point.

In January, our newsletter included a list of links and websites of interest to fiber crafters and artists. Vera will share how she uses these and other web tools -- and how the World Wide Web is making resources, tools and the people who inspire us easier to connect with all the time.

These felted baby booties were knitted with yarn spun from rabbit fur by Paula Ashworth.

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