Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Social Networking Site for Weavers and Spinners

Ravelry became such a popular networking site for knitters and crocheters that weavers and spinners sort of horned in and created groups that addressed their own interests. Now there's a new site built along the same vein as Ravelry, but specifically for handweavers -- it's Weavolution and it's brand new.

Weavolution was created by three experienced weavers, -- Tien Chiu in San Francisco, Claudia Segal who lives outside of DC and Allison Giachetti in Colorado. They dreamed of an online community of weavers from everywhere and one-stop-shopping to access all the weaving/spinning resources that are spread out all over the Internet. The site has been in development for well over a year and just launched on June 9.

Because it is so new, it is not quite as intimidating as Ravelry to jump into (there is no wait for your membership to be approved). To get started, just set up your profile (easy), post some pictures of things you've made (optional), join the Palmetto Fiber Arts Guild group that has already been established -- and look around to see what else is interesting to you.

You can find people who are using the same loom you are, or you can see what other people have made with your favorite yarn or your favorite pattern. Enter anything you'd like to know or see more about into the search field and you'll find tons of information. I found 7 - 8 weavers from South Carolina, looked at Peg from SC's blog, and saw that no one has posted any projects using one of my favorite yarns, a white nubby cotton called Queen Anne's lace.

Expect to encounter some technical glitches, lots of people way more experienced than you, lots of people with far more and far more sophisticated equipment than you have, but it is there for us to make of it what we want it to be. It can certainly be a vehicle for people who are looking to connect with handweavers in our area -- so for that reason alone, it is to our benefit to represent ourselves online as an active group interested in connecting with others -- because we are.

Have fun and let me know what you think of Weavolution.

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