Wednesday, August 26, 2009

September Meeting

Back in May, Michaela shared with us a recent article in Handwoven about weaving with garden plant materials. Our assignment was to spend the summer gathering appropriate plants from our gardens and even from the roadways. The foliage of iris, cattails, marsh grass, -- anything long-ish and pliable. Those things were to be brought indoors, wrapped in newspaper and left to dry.

Well, it’s time to bring these dried materials with you to the Palmetto Fiber Arts Guild meeting on Saturday, Sept. 19, from 2 – 4 PM. We’ll experiment with weaving with these truly natural fibers. Michaela will lead our session based on the work of Connecticut master weaver, Rita Buchanan.

Come even if you haven’t been hunting and gathering all summer. It will be one of those meetings where you’ll get all kinds of new ideas about weaving materials.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Successful Fundraiser! No Meeting in August.

Thanks to Arianne King Comer for a wonderful program at our July meeting. Fiber Guild enthusiasts really turned out for the opportunity to hear Arianne share her deep experise in dying -- specifically indigo -- and the art of batik.

It is the height of summer and Palmetto Fiber Arts guild members are traveling and otherwise enjoying family, friends and our beautiful coastal lowcountry. We'll take a break from our regular meeting in August, but plan to join us in September on Saturday, the 19th.

We should all be proud that in a very short period of time, we exceeded our fundraising goal of $1100.00 for the Maseru Tapestries Cooperative in Lesotho South Africa.

To the left you can see a member of the Coop standing in front of and holding samples of Coop members' work. Notice the wall behind, completely filled with soda cans. Is this for decoration? insulation? in lieu of Sheetrock and painted walls? We'll have to ask about this .

Along with our common interest in spinning and weaving, one of the appeals of this project was the huge difference a relatively small sum of money, by our standards, could make in the survival of entire families.

The Board voted to contribute $500 from the Guild's treasury and Beth Parrot got things rolling with a challenge to raise or contribute $50 each. Members and friends responded generously, including a gift of $200 from the Community and Global Mission Group at Circular Congregational Church. The 3-month weaving class for at least five new weavers is underway now. Thank you to all who participated. We'll continue to post pictures as we get them.