Sunday, November 29, 2009

Closing Out Our Year with a Felting Workshop

Kelly Fort has been dabbling in felting for over a year now and shared some of what she has learned with the rest of us at our Guild meeting on Nov. 21. Here is the jacket Kelly embellished that got everyone interested in learning what we could do with a plain wool jacket from the bargain basement and time to get creative.

Our instructions were to bring a jacket, cardigan or bag we wanted to embellish -- or to wash old wool items in very hot water and a little soap to make them mat to felt. We could then cut the felt to make items pretty in themselves, or to use as a background to experiment with needle-felting techniques. Here is everyone diving in:

Here, Del tries her hand at needle-felting a design onto a felted background. The barbed needle(on the end of the pink pen in her hand) causes the roving to intertwine with the wool fibers in the background.

And here, DeDee shapes the red-colored roving and needle-felts it into a three-dimensional flower. She experimented with working over a foam background and over a brush.

Everyone went home with lots of ideas of ways felting might become part of their own repertoire -- but for the day's efforts, Kelly's jacket still stole the show!

A bit of significant business at this meeting was the election of next year's Board -- Sandy Hutchinson will serve as President with Lynn Holland as Vice President, Kelly Fort as Secretary, and Garnette Tuten as Treasurer.

After a busy year of superb programs and activities, Michaela McIntosh steps away from a Palmetto Fiber Arts Guild board position for the first time in a very long time. Deep appreciation was expressed to her for her vision, leadership and dedication to bringing together people who share interest in handweaving and fiber arts. Palmetto Fiber Arts Guild will continue to rely on Michaela's knowledge and willingness to teach and mentor.