Monday, January 25, 2010

Study Group for Weavers Forming

Fiber Guild meetings cover a wide range of fiber arts as evidenced by our last two meetings -- in November we did some needle felting and in January we had a wonderful winter afternoon around Anne Ball's dining room table exploring bead weaving. We have a contingent of new and experienced handweavers in the guild and since looms are not always very portable it is sometimes difficult for a two hour program to address this group's desires to build their skills beyond an introductory session.

To solve this problem, Michaela, certainly one of the more prolific weavers among us, will convene a study group for weavers to meet at her house, the 1st Wednesday of the month from 7:00 - 9:00 PM beginning next week, February 3. The group will meet regularly and the sessions will be progressive, so it is a wonderful opportunity to gain a better grasp of weaving basics, explore weaving techniques in depth, and develop more confidence in our abilities to tackle a variety of projects.

If you are interested, contact Sandy at or contact Michaela directly. Participants should commit to regular attendance, and be willing to complete homework assignments between group sessions. A $10 materials fee will collected at the first session.

In the first session, Michaela will share her ideas for the group and the group will make some choices about topics to include in later sessions. The evening will focus on Warps and Setts.

Thanks to Michaela for offering this group to encourage local weavers to develop more weaving skills and to get to know each other better by meeting together regularly.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Best Sources of Yarn for Weavers

A new weaver recently asked where to buy yarn. She had been in a local knit shop and wondered if that was her best source. To quote Michaela,"It's possible to use knitting yarns as weft, but even that isn't recommended.  They are fine for an accent yarn, but usually are too stretchy for warp and are really expensive to buy from shops."

In fact, most of us are buying yarn on-line but it is understandable that someone new to this wants a place where they can see and touch. We recommend starting slowly. A quick poll of the weavers in our guild resulted in this list of favorite sources for yarn. 


(Downtown Asheville, NC)

The member who recommended this company has not yet bought anything from them, but she likes what she sees on their website.

(Murphy, NC -- close to John C. Campbell Folk School)

  always worth checking

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Today is Distaff Day -- Let 2010 Begin!

A "tweet" by Weavolution caught my eye today. It tells me that in European cultural traditions, today; January 7 - the first day after the feast of Epiphany, is Roc Day, or Distaff Day. It is the day weavers and spinners return to their looms and their wheels after the holidays. The distaff or rock, used in spinning, was the medieval symbol of women's work. Today, some modern-day crafters' groups have incorporated Distaff Day into their New Year's celebrations. It is a good day for us to begin our 2010 year.

Please plan to join us Saturday, January 16, from 2 - 4 PM for our first Guild meeting of the year. Our own Anne Ball will present our program on Peyote Stitch -- a form of bead weaving. We will meet at Anne's house and work around her dining room table. As with other popular hands-on Guild programs, Anne will show us samples of her work to give us an idea of what is possible, then give us some basic instructions -- and then let us try our hand at bead weaving in this style.

If you would like to attend as a guest, please know you are welcome. Contact Sandy at for additional information. If you are a member and know someone who would enjoy this program, please do bring them or encourage them to come.

The business portion of our meeting will be brief to allow as much time as possible to learn Peyote Stitch. It is, however, time for most of us to renew our annual membership in the Guild. Please bring $25 or a check made out to PFAG to take care of dues for the 2010 year. Garnette will ask you to complete a quick form to update your contact info at that time. 

Announcement #1 The PO Box for the Guild has been relocated to a more convenient location for the current officers. The new mailing address is  P O Box 31341, Charleston, SC 29417. If you ever need it, you can find it in the footer of this blog page. 

Announcement #2 Anne needs to know how many people to expect for her bead weaving program on Jan. 16, so please respond to the e-mails that go out before Wednesday, January 13 -- or leave a comment at the end of this message.  

We look forward to seeing as many of you on the 16th as possible. Until then, stay warm!