Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Best Sources of Yarn for Weavers

A new weaver recently asked where to buy yarn. She had been in a local knit shop and wondered if that was her best source. To quote Michaela,"It's possible to use knitting yarns as weft, but even that isn't recommended.  They are fine for an accent yarn, but usually are too stretchy for warp and are really expensive to buy from shops."

In fact, most of us are buying yarn on-line but it is understandable that someone new to this wants a place where they can see and touch. We recommend starting slowly. A quick poll of the weavers in our guild resulted in this list of favorite sources for yarn. 


(Downtown Asheville, NC)

The member who recommended this company has not yet bought anything from them, but she likes what she sees on their website.

(Murphy, NC -- close to John C. Campbell Folk School)

  always worth checking

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Ann said...

Thanks for the recommendations, y'all...I'll be checking them out soon. (In fact, I bought my loom at The Yarn Circle!)