Friday, February 19, 2010

Sweetgrass at the Avery Center

For our Guild meeting on Saturday, March 20, we'll meet at the Avery Research Center for African-American History and Culture for a special tour of their current exhibit entitled Sweetgrass: A Living Legacy of Families and Communities .  The focus of the exhibit is the baskets themselves and the intergenerational relationships between basket makers whose art connects them to past generations back to Africa. Click here to see a recent article in the Post & Courier about the exhibit and local basket makers.

The Avery Center is located at 125 Bull Street in downtown Charleston. Free parking is available behind the Center. There is no charge to enter the Center or see the exhibits. As an added bonus, at this time the Center  also has an exhibit on local painter, Jonathan Green whose work will be familiar to almost everyone.

Thanks go to Garnette Tuten for making the contact at the Avery Center. She and Kelly Fort will meet our group at the entrance to the Center between 1:45 - 2:00 PM. Let's use our e-mail lists to coordinate carpools to avoid taking so many cars into downtown.

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Journey of Miles said...

Very Interesting. I had never heard of the Avery Institute, so it was quite an educational experience for me.