Saturday, June 5, 2010

Coming Up in June. Drop Spindle Spinning

So far this year, we've explored beading, bookmaking, visited the Avery Center to see their exhibit on Sweetgrass baskets (so far everything starts with a 'B'!) and learned a bit about watercolor quilting. In June, we will continue our experiential romp through the fiber arts with a program on Drop Spindle Spinning. This is your chance to learn the secrets of turning a fat wad of fluff into, miraculously -- a thread!

Please plan to join us Saturday, June 19 from 2:00 - 4:00 PM in the conference room at the Charleston Water Systems Department on St. Philips St. in downtown Charleston (more about this location at the end).

At the North Charleston Farmers Market in April, visitors were amazed to see the spinning process. Here, Genivieve Jones uses a drop spindle .

Jessica Jones will show us how it's done and we'll get to see some fleece Jessica has recently bought-- literally right off the sheep from a farmer in Beaufort County who recently sheared his flock.

For this program we need you to RSVP so Jessica will have enough supplies on hand for us. For those who don't have their own drop spindle, Jessica will bring materials for us to fashion one that will have us spinning thread before the afternoon is over.  Just leave a comment here or send a quick "Yes, I'm coming, No, I don't have a spindle." message to:

Like Goldilocks, we continue to move around to find ideal, available meeting space. Amy Buckley has invited us to try out the conference room where she works -- the Charleston Water Systems Department. It is a good size room, it's centrally located downtown, and has free parking. Thank you Amy! The building is located at 103 St. Philip St.on the corner of St. Philip and Vanderhorst (click here for map). Enter the parking lot from Vanderhorst. The entrance is to the left of the drive-in window.

See you there!