Saturday, June 18, 2011

Many Uses for Hand-dyed Cotton Rag Strips

Fiber Guild members are enjoying the hand-dyed cotton rags we have recently come into in large quantities. Each time we get together the weavers paw through bags of colorful balls of cotton strips.

After taking home balls of cotton from our April meeting, Kelly wove a couple of rugs on her rigid heddle loom. Dale did a braided rug.

Sandy showed up at the June meeting with two rugs made with a half and half warp.

Terri got the bug today and started picking out her  colors.

There were some questions about warp. The 8/4 cotton rug warp Sandy used can be seen among the balls of cotton strips in the top picture. Almost any site that sells weaving yarn and supplies sells it. See it here at Earth Guild in Asheville. (I'm not saying this is the least expensive source -- but you can buy individual spools there -- some sites want you to buy in 10-spool minimums -- which is the way "stash" starts to take over your life.) Carpet warp comes in lots and lots of colors -- more than a rainbow!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

SAFF is for Yarn Lovers -- Day Trip October 21

What is SAFF you ask? Why, it's the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair, held every October in Asheville, NC and destination for fiber fondlers everywhere.

You can see the animals from which fiber is made -- sheep, goats, llamas,and rabbits, just to name a few -- and meet the people who raise them.

You can attend workshops on raising animals, spinning, felting, knitting, weaving, clothes construction and more.

And you can shop. Oh my Lord, you can shop!

Yarns, fleece, roving, spinning wheels, spindles, fiber tools of all manner. More things for sale and more beautiful things than you can imagine! SAFF is fiber lover's heaven.

So why am I going on about an event in Asheville in the fall? Because we're planning a day trip and hope you and your friends will join us!

We're chartering a bus that will leave the Unity Church parking lot (Leeds Ave. just off  I-526) at 6:30 AM on Friday, October 21. We'll be in Asheville in time to spend the whole day at SAFF, leaving for home between 4 - 5 PM, getting back to Charleston at a reasonable hour.

For anyone who hasn't been to SAFF before, this is a good way to "stick your toe in the water" and see what is there. For someone who HAS been before, this is a fun way to get there. We can sit back on the bus and knit, or spin, or sleep, or talk -- we'll be there before we know it. Much better than driving up I-26 alone, dealing with traffic, and finding a place to park.

The cost is $45 with the initial deposit of $25 due June 15. You do NOT have to be a member of the Guild to go, in fact, we need other fiber lovers to join us to fill the bus. So, send your money in, if you haven't already, and pass the word to others you know who might be interested.

Make checks out to Palmetto Fiber Arts Guild and mail them to PO Box 31341, Charleston, SC  29417. If you have additional questions or are about the miss the deadline but want to go, contact trip coordinator Jessica Jones at

SAFF has not yet posted this year's workshops or vendors on their website, but it will be there July 15. We'll have plenty of time to sign up for anything we want, so why don't you come along with us?