Saturday, June 18, 2011

Many Uses for Hand-dyed Cotton Rag Strips

Fiber Guild members are enjoying the hand-dyed cotton rags we have recently come into in large quantities. Each time we get together the weavers paw through bags of colorful balls of cotton strips.

After taking home balls of cotton from our April meeting, Kelly wove a couple of rugs on her rigid heddle loom. Dale did a braided rug.

Sandy showed up at the June meeting with two rugs made with a half and half warp.

Terri got the bug today and started picking out her  colors.

There were some questions about warp. The 8/4 cotton rug warp Sandy used can be seen among the balls of cotton strips in the top picture. Almost any site that sells weaving yarn and supplies sells it. See it here at Earth Guild in Asheville. (I'm not saying this is the least expensive source -- but you can buy individual spools there -- some sites want you to buy in 10-spool minimums -- which is the way "stash" starts to take over your life.) Carpet warp comes in lots and lots of colors -- more than a rainbow!

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