Sunday, October 23, 2011

The lower floor of the arena at Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair, Oct. 21, 2011.
With so much going on this fall, it has been hard to keep up with blog postings. But we have participated in three events that have been real visual delights. Here's a quick recap -- heavy on the pictures.

Our exhibit "Connected by a Thread - Photographs and Tapestries from Lesotho" will remain at the Center for Women until mid-December, and then, the Guild's own wall hanging from the Maseru Tapestries Cooperative will remain on display there indefinitely.  Until we have a place of our own to hang it, what better place for a tapestry called "Women's Meeting"?

L-Linne Trettin of Palmetto Fiber Arts Guild, R-Jennet Alderman, Executive Director of the Center for Women. Between them you can see the wall hanging entitled "Women's Meeting". It was woven by the woman in the framed photograph to the far left, a member of the Maseru Tapestries Cooperative, and given to the Palmetto Fiber Arts Guild in appreciation for support and funding.

On September 15, the Guild gathered for a reception to view the exhibit and celebrate our fortune to be connected by a thread to the weavers in Lesotho. Many thanks to Linnie Trettin who matted and framed the 14 photographs in the exhibit, all of which were taken by her husband Carl at various times when he has been in Lesotho.
The photographs have captions that tell the story of weavers in Lesotho and of our connection to them. Don't miss it if you haven't yet seen it -- just stop in at the Center for Women (129 Cannon St., downtown) when you have 15 - 20 minutes to spare. You'll come away with a little larger view of our world and the meaning of fiber art in it.

One month later on October 14 and 15, the Guild participated in the Hand and Heart Art Show and Sale, co-sponsored by our friends at the Center for Women and benefiting the Charleston Area Senior Center
Here's the sign/painting at the Meeting St. door that welcomed the public into the Hand and Heart Art Show and Sale at the Charleston Area Senior Center.
Our table was an awesome, eclectic selection of fiber arts!
Knitted, woven, sewn, beaded, quilted, felted, crocheted, and/or dyed, we had it all!
Just a few highlights:
A close view of Linnie's manikin dressed in a lovely art jacket she made and draped with one of Judy Warren's shibori scarves.
Felted bags by Nancy Warren
Scarves, hats, and gloves knitted by Anita Sloan

Kaleidoscope Dolls in front of "the Good Fairy" made by Barbara Vanselow.  In the lower right corner, a bit of a sweater (striped) and a tank top (celery-green straps showing) knitted by Jessica Jones. In the background, felted birds by Dedee Regan perch in a pine tree.

While our sales were not what we would have liked them to be, we were able to donate about $85 to the important work of the Senior Center and we learned a lot about what we, as a Guild, need for show set-up and display. Like our workshop last fall, doing this show made made us realize in a new way what a talented group we really are. 

And just this past Friday, we made our bus trip to the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair in Asheville. What a good way to go to an incredible fiber-lovers event! No worries about buying gas, knowing the way, driving, or parking. All we had to do was get up really early to catch the bus -- and everything else was taken care of! 
The word I heard most often regarding our reactions to SAFF was -- "Overwhelming". Here is just a sample of why we might have felt that way!

Yarn, Yarn, Yarn, Yarn, Yarn, Yarn, Wool, Wool, Wool, Roving, Roving, Roving, Yarn, Yarn, Yarn, Yarn, and more Yarn!
More pictures from the day: 
We all had big smiles by the time we left. Almost everyone had found some "treasure" to bring home. Twenty-eight went along on this trip and we were delighted to be joined by several who are not members, but had heard about the trip through friends or friends of friends.We're always happy to meet more fiber-lovers!

Thank you Jessica for a great job organizing and coordinating this adventure.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Hand & Heart Art Show & Sale

Palmetto Fiber Arts Guild is proud to be participating in the Hand & Heart Project this weekend. It is an art show and sale co-sponsored by the Center for Women and benefiting the Charleston Area Senior Center. Proceeds will support programs that bring food, housing, fellowship, and more to the elderly in need throughout the tri-county area.

Friday October 14, 4:30 - 9:00 PM
Saturday, October 15, 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
The Charleston Area Senior Center, 259 Meeting St.

This is a great time and place to start your holiday shopping. Featured artists include:
Jewelry -- Ruth Ann Ivey, Judy Eisele, Nelle Woodruff, Gretchen Keller, and Pam Wackym
Textiles -- Arianne King-Comer, Leilani DeMuth, Cookie Washington, The Palmetto Fiber Arts Guild, and Chery Johnson
Photography -- Nancy Smythe
Pottery -- Liv Antonecchia and Marty Bierbaum
Painting -- Gayle Newcomb, Francina Smalls-Joyner and Marty Bierbaum

Tell all your friends and see you there!