Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Plan for a Fun June Meeting

As we approach the mid point of another year, we should say a great big thank you to all the people who have made our Guild interesting and vital so far this year. We have done quite a bit of self-teaching  and it's been great, so thanks to the Board members responsible for planning programs and for the members who so willingly sharing their talents and know-how. Thanks go as well to new members who have brought fresh ideas and new energy. We are a thriving group!

There is movement underway to have a dying workshop this fall -- and Judy Warren announced she has just completed some work on her garage that allows her to offer that space as a dying space for the group. Stay tuned for more information on both of these teasers.

June will be our last meeting before we take a two-month summer hiatus. We'll have a very interactive meeting on June 16. Here's what you should plan for:

A Fiber Exchange

 Everyone has more yarn, thread, fabric, fluff, and fuzz than they will ever know what to do with. One fiber-fanatic's trash is another fiber-fanatic's treasure -- so let's swap my awful stuff for your awful stuff and maybe we'll both go home inspired and happy.

Bring a bit of your stash that has been around for-ev-er and every time you look at it, you choose something else. We'll put it on the table and see if anyone else is motivated by it.

Our exchange also includes books, patterns, tools, and gadgets. Bring it on!

A Book Signing

We are so lucky to have multi-talented Beth Parrot in our Guild. Not only does she knit, weave, and spin, but she teaches and is a well known author as well. Beth will be signing copies of her just-published The Sock Knitter's Handbook, co-authored with long-time collaborator, Charlene Schurch.

This is a great book for every knitter's library because Beth and Charlene detail multiple techniques for each part of the sock knitting process -- casting on and off, making heels, making toes, making size adjustments, and more.

Once you master the basics, this is a reference guide to getting really creative with socks!

And this is your chance to have a signed copy!

And Speaking of Chances. . .
We're selling chances to own either (or both, if you have really unbelievable luck) of two rag rugs, beautifully made by master weaver Teri Beth Gehman, who was in the Lowcountry briefly last year and connected with our weaving study group.We are selling just 50 chances to win each rug. Chances are just $5 each. If your ticket number is drawn, you will take home a real prize.

This rug measures 3' x 5' and is an artful display of blues, purples, pinks and rose shades softened by an almost brown stripe. It was made with the dyed cotton rags the Guild acquired last year. Take a chance. . . it could be yours.

This rug has caused quite a bit of discussion in the weaving study group, but we have decided it is a Summer/Winter block design. This one really shows off Teri Beth's command of color interplay and measures 2' x 11'. A great size for a hallway. Take a chance. . . it could be in your hallway.

Any remaining chances on both rugs will be sold at the meeting on June 16, and winners will be drawn at the end of the meeting (you don't have to be present to win).

So, the June meeting requires a bit of preparation on your part -- admit defeat by some of those oddball yarns in your stash, and bring your cash and/or checks to buy books and chances for a rag rug treasure. It's going to be fun!