Thursday, October 25, 2012

Scary and Not So Scary

Throughout the whole month of October Weavolution is sponsoring the 2nd annual Halloweave - an opportunity for weavers to challenge themselves to tackle their weaving fears. The teams have names like Frightful Fibers, UFOs Begone, The Double Dares (they hope to finally complete a double weave project!), and The Demon Seamstresses of Fleetstreet who will be sewing with handwovens (yikes, that means actually taking scissors and cutting cloth you have painstakingly woven!).

Throughout the month prizes will be awarded through random draws and member votes so check it out here and see how these projects are progressing.  What fun!

Show and Tell got a little scary at our October meeting. Thanks to Ann Blanton, here's a video of Barbara Vanselow's mechanical bat.

And beautiful things that weren't scary at all were also shared. (thanks to Michaela for sending along pictures!)
Jennifer Ley is working on this cable knitted hat

Judy Warren attended a dye workshop in DC and created this piece using shibori folding and resist techniques on organza.

The October program was sharing special fiber pieces we all have and love. Here's a few, again, thanks to Michaela:
These Navajo rugs were made from handspun wool in the 1920s or 30s and were used by Ann Blanton's parents and an uncle as horse blankets. The middle one was Ann's mother's. She never used a saddle so it is in better condition. Ann's parents grew up in Western Oklahoma. 

Barbara Downey's great grandmother emigrated from Ireland to North Dakota and brought lace making skills with her.
Anne Ball has long been inspired by this natural dye chart showing plants used by the Navajo to make their dyes.
Looking forward to Arianne's A Day to Dye For. . . workshop on Saturday. A busy and good time for Palmetto Fiber Arts Guild.

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