Monday, December 31, 2012

Easiest Scarf Ever

Directions: Amass a huge selection of yarns with as much color, texture, and variety as possible. Choose a length, allowing for several knots to make the finished scarf to be a little shorter. Gather yarns in your chosen length -- make it random or work on a colorway. A little bling goes a long way. When your group of yarns feels like it's the right thickness, tie some knots about two hand spans apart and Voila!
It couldn't be easier -- or more fun to do as a group.
Lynn showed us what we were aiming for. . .
Everyone brought a lot of yarn. We set it all out on the tables and then we began to pick and choose. (oh,did we mention, we meet in a recreation center?)
One method was to lay out the yarns under consideration on the table to see how they looked together.

Another way to do it is to just build it around your neck and make adjustments as you go.
Here's a few examples of our Voila! moments.

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