Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Syria's Beautiful Past Evident in its Textiles

This interesting bit came to us from Judy Warren:

"The silken tassel on this skull cap woven in Aleppo around 1800 recalls a more prosperous and tranquil time in that now beleaguered Syrian hub."

Syria is much in the news now. . . most of it horrifying and sad and distressing. But in this recent story on NPR, commentator Susan Stamberg wove a story of this lovely silk woman's cap, the artisan traditions in Syria, and of Aleppo, Syria, in particular, where the hat was found, and the peaceful, richly cultural times when it would have been worn, in contrast to what is transpiring now.

The cap is part of  the Sultan's Garden exhibit  featuring textiles and related utilitarian items from the Ottoman Empire now on display at the Textile Museum in Washington DC.

Personally, I'm embarrassed to say I didn't realize there WAS a Textile Museum in DC -- so thank you, Judy, for sharing this -- and guess what I found out when I looked at their website? --  Frommer's says they have one of the 5 Best Museum Shops in Washington DC. Now I would think DC is a city that has pretty stiff competition among museum gift shops so this is going on my list of things to see next time I visit Washington.

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