Saturday, May 11, 2013

Palmetto Fiber Arts Guild Membership Status Report

It is May 11, and Palmetto Fiber Arts Guild has just "sort of" finalized our membership roster for 2013. Clearly, filling out forms is not our strong suit. 

This blog, and all the information in it, is available to everyone in the whole world wide web to see and, hopefully, enjoy. And we welcome all comers to our meetings, held the 3rd Saturday of each month as well. 

But full-fledged members do enjoy a few special benefits -- discounts on guild sponsored activities and timely e-mail reminders of meetings, programs, classes and workshops in the area that members may be interested in. Through these special e-mail messages we also brag on members when someone is doing a show or has pieces in an exhibit. (for example: Michaela, Arianne, and LuAnn all had pieces juried in at the prestigious SC Palmetto Hands Fine Craft Competition and Exhibition, shown May 3 - 11 as part of the North Charleston Arts Festival.

And then there's The Roster, with a whole list of other people with similar interests -- with addresses and phone numbers and indications of each member's favorite fiber fun. Old school social networking at it's best!

Awesome Ann Blanton

We have Ann Blanton to thank for compiling and organizing our roster this year. As I look it over I see we have 37 members! -- We are growing and meeting new fiber enthusiasts all the time. Yippee! Love you all! 

And I notice our geographic spread. We have members throughout the Greater Charleston area, down to the sea islands and up to Ladson. But wait! Look! Here's something new for us: We have members (as we so colloquially and unabashedly say here) "from off". -- a member in Myrle Beach (she weaves and quilts), another weaver and quilter  who lives in Glassboro, New Jersey, and Marlene Gruetter, who "lives on a 86 acre farm in Scottown, Ohio along with my husband Carl and a clan of dogs, cats, chickens, horses, pigs, goats and sheep." 

Marlene and Carl stopped briefly in Charleston on their way home from a Florida vacation one year, and just couldn't get the place out of their minds -- so they've bought their future retirement digs here and are in the area occasionally.

We live in a special place that attracts special people -- and the fiber people among them know how to  find their "comrads". Our presenter at April's meeting; Liz Gipson, reached out to us when she planned a vacation here -- and many other fiber lovers who are here for a few days, weeks, or months will continue to find us through a friend of a friend, through this blog or our Facebook page, and through seeing announcements in the paper when they are in town. Marlene has written a wonderful guest post to introduce herself to us which will appear here next. We embrace this opportunity to connect more broadly with more fiber-lovers-- from on and off!

And back to bragging on members: Marlene will have 2 pieces of her "Shambolic wearables" in the 2013 Fashion Show at the Surface Design Association annual conference this June in San Antonio Texas. Shambolic is a special felting technique that Marlene has developed and specializes in -- more about it in the next blog post. . .

But, for this post, I digress from "The Roster". Before I push the button to "post" this entry, I'm going to send the up-to-date roster out to the membership. If you think you are a member, and don't receive the roster, get in touch with me and we'll see what the problem is -- either you haven't paid your $25 for 2013 or we missed getting you on the list or I missed getting you on my e-mail distribution list.

And here's another tip, when you get your roster -- print it out and keep it handy -- but also save it to your computer with the date in the title. That way, you'll always be able to go to your most recent roster!

And just because I like to include pictures: Here's a lovely shawl knitted and worn by Jess Jones to our meeting in April. I love it!
So pretty, Jess!

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