Monday, May 20, 2013

The New Felting Group is Booming!

About a week ago, your primary blogger (Sandy) posted Marlene Gruetter's nice introduction. OK, confession time -- Marlene sent me every bit of that post months ago and I have been slow to actually turn it into a blog post. Well. . . Busted! 

 Apparently Marlene was in town, probably as I wrote, and she met with the new felting study group on Thursday, May 9. The day was inspiring -- members of the group sent me a write up on their day together AND sent pictures, so with no further delay, let me share what Guild members with a special interest in felting are up to. . .

Lead In: Judy Warren has recently convened a monthly felting group for people to get together and explore this versatile art process. The group usually meets on the 1st Thursday of the month from 10 am - 3 pm at the home/studio of Judy Warren. If you would like to attend, contact Judy at 

Here's the report I received this week:

The Felting Study Group met May 9 (Sandy interrupts one more time -- I think the study group generally meets on the 1st Thursday of the month, but probably changed up to accommodate Marlene's time in the area. Ok, I'll be quite, now) and started with a planning session regarding summer meetings, created a binder for future reference and, of course, enjoyed food together while we planned. (Garnette Tuten brought the most wonderful croissants from a French bakery on James Island for our "working lunch" as we did our planning.)

Then Marlene demonstrated the steps in making a small round felted vessel -- cutting the resist circle, laying fiber, decorating, turning it into felt, cutting an opening and finally, shaping. 
Fiber layout for a small round felted vessel
Happy felting lady
The vessel takes shape
Finished and Fenced
Froggy went a-felting!
 After lunch, Marlene helped each person create her own vessel. This was fun and a great learning experience. Those who were in attendance were: Garnette Tuten, Judy Warren, Marlene Gruetter, and Amy Buckley.

In previous sessions, we have made felt squares to discuss their quality and our techniques. We've also made geodes, beads, small coin purses, and flowers.  We plan to continue to advance by taking up nuno felting next.  As our experience and skills increase, we will do larger, more detailed, projects. 

(Sandy says thanks to the felting group for sharing such a good report -- looks like incredible fun!)

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