Tuesday, September 2, 2014

What Fiber Arts Did You Meet at Speed Dating?

Weaving, Rug Hooking, Dyeing, Lace Making, Origami, Tunisian Crochet. . . They were all there at our meeting in August. It was great to see everyone after our summer hiatus and we were delighted to see brand new members and many visitors!
Ron K. and Nancy W. introduce Anita S. to a small table loom.

Michaela M. shows a new weaver how to get started.
There was lots of interest in how Mary B.'s inkle loom is warped.
Emily K. introduced us to Rug Hooking
Here is one of Emily's many beautiful creations. Love the swirly sky! Don't get her started on "hooker jokes"!
Here's how Fiber Arts Speed Dating works. One of us, who knows a particular fiber art technique, introduces you. We stay long enough to get the conversation started, then we we step away and give you time to get to know each other.
Barbara V. introduces a group to bobbin lace making.
Sandy H.shows how to fold an origami Star Box

Judy W. knows some great silk dyeing techniques.

And pretty soon she has everybody doing it.
Tunisian Crochet --the introduction is made by Corinne A.
Charlotte S. has a chance to (figuratively) take Tunisian Crochet for a spin around the dance floor. She's a little bit crochet and a little knitty.
This was Linda's last meeting with us before she travels to exotic locals for several months. Her sole goal was to learn Tunisian Crochet before she left and she was able to achieve her goal! Bon Voyage, Linda! Remember, you have promised to send us postcards!

A few outtakes from a fun day! (Thanks for Maria Luisa for all the great photos!)