Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Warm blankets for Young and Old

Our October meeting, coming on the heels of the Lowcountry Fiber Fair the week before, was jammed packed.  Jan Heister, curator of the remarkable textile collection at the Charleston Museum spoke to us about opportunities we might further explore at the museum AND we made fleece lap robes to donate to seniors at Charleston Area Senior Citizens and fleece blankets for young people at Carolina Youth Development's Charleston Emergency Shelter.

Jan Heister, Curator of Textiles, Charleston Museum
Members get busy on fleece lap robes and blankets at the October meeting of the Palmetto Fiber Arts Guild.

Barbara ties off short fringe for a lap robe that will not catch in the spokes of a wheelchair.

Peggy found this wonderful piece of fleece for a boy's blanket.
Directions for a No-Sew Fleece Blanket with a Braided Edge

This will be a two-layer blanket (extra soft and warm) so you might want to use a solid color for one side and a contrasting print for the other. You'll also need scissors or a rotary cutter and a cutting mat.

Trim selvages and cut your two pieces of fleece fabric 30" X 36". Layer one on top of the other with the right sides out.

Draw a line 1 1/2" in on all sides. Cut out the 1 1/2" square from all four corners. then using the lines on the mat, make 1" wide cuts along all four sides up to the  1 1/2" line. Then fold each strip in half and make another small slit through both layers in the middle. 

Starting along a long side in the middle of the blanket, take a top layer strip and pull up the bottom strip through the hole in the middle of the top strip. Pull to the left (for right handed people it is easier to work from right to left). Then pull up the next top strip strip though that strip, then the bottom strip alternating all the way around. 

Before you know it, you'll be all the way arourn your blanket and be left with the last fringe that you've pulled through the fringe before it. Here you'll need to cut the fringe in half, through the slit, so you've to two skinny fringes. Use them to tie a knot around the first fringe. Make sure to make at least a double knot. . . triple if the fringe is long enough. That will be the only knot on your entire blanket.

Here's a You Tube tutorial that shows you how to do the directions above. Have Fun!

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