Thursday, October 9, 2014

Watch for the next "Pop-Up" Art Show. They're Fun!

On Oct. 8, our own Nancy Warren participated in a small "Pop-Up" art show sponsored by Passport 72 -- an emerging organization dedicated to generating financial and support resources for local charities. One of their ways of generating funds and support is to organize local artists for these quick shows -- a cut of proceeds goes to help charities identified by Passport 72, tickets sales go to the expenses for the show -- and local artists get great exposure in a very comfortable and intimate setting. Great for everyone!

This show was upstairs at Southend Brewery & Smokehouse downtown on East Bay Street -- The ticket was $5 and could be exchanged for an appetizer or a drink. Eight artists participated -- several painters, one who constructed pieces from found objects , one who made marbled paper -- and Nancy, who had a group of lovely deconstructed screen prints.
Nancy Warren, President Palmetto Fiber Arts Guild, 2013 - 2015
It was also fun to run into abstract painter Karole Turner Campbell who is friends with Arianne King Comer (batik dyer)and Cookie Washington (quilter, doll maker, curator) -- two extraordinary fiber artists close to Palmetto Fiber Arts Guild.
Check out this link to see profiles of all eight artists who were in the Oct. 8 show. And watch for more Pop-Up shows from Gallery 72.  This is a new model of raising funds and helping artists gain recognition and sales!

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