Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Putting 2014 to Bed

Just a few notes to close out 2014.
Right after Thanksgiving, our traveling buddy, Linda L. sent us greetings from New York City. She's heading to Portugal next and plans to be back with us in February.
It was a great year for us. Thanks to our officers, Nancy Warren, Peggy Pye, Barbara Vanselow, Kayleigh Osborne and Sandy Hutchinson. Nancy, Barbara, and Kayleigh will all be stepping down after serving in their roles for two years.

The incoming board elected at our holiday pot-luck in December is: Beth Parrott as President, Peggy Pye as 1st Vice President (Peggy takes care of publicity for us). Ashley Shifano will be 2nd Vice President - primarily responsible for programs, but everyone will help on this one. Maria Luisa Castillo de Gulick steps up as Secretary and Sandy will continue as Treasurer.

Before Christmas, Barbara Vanselow and Judy Warren delivered fleece blankets to Charleston Area Senior Center and Carolina Youth Development's Charleston Emergency Shelter.

As always, our holiday pot-luck was a lot of fun this year. Just a few pictures for you to enjoy. Thanks to all who took pictures!
Fun times. More to come in 2015!

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