Monday, February 29, 2016

PFAG Tries a Surface Design Technique

LuAnn Fischer was our presenter in February -- She brought everything we needed and helped us jump right into a fun surface design technique that resulted in a marbled design on fabric and/or paper. 

First, it was recommended that we wear aprons for this one:

Here's what we did:  

 1.)  Cover a paper plate with a smooth layer of shaving cream. Yes, that's right, shaving cream. We used Barbasol.

2.) Add drops of fabric paint to the shaving cream surface. There doesn't have to be any art to this. It can be totally random. More than one color can be used, but most of us found that more colors had a tendency to become muddy quickly.

3.) With a wooden stick, cut through each dot and swirl the color in the shaving cream -- much like you do when you make a marble cake.

4.) No image of the very next step, but you place a piece of fabric (or paper) on top of the shaving cream. Pat it gently so that the fabric makes contact with the paint, but don't move the fabric or it will smear. Place your hand on top of the cloth and your hand's warmth helps the color transfer to the fabric.

5.) Then, carefully peel the fabric/paper away. It will look much like this picture:

6.) Place the fabric/paper on a hard surface and scrape off the shaving cream with a paint scraper or similar tool. (LuAnn had us using discarded electric switch plates. They worked just fine.)

Here are samples of our work, drying just a bit before the final step -- heat setting.
(All are fabric, except for two postcard size pieces of paper in the upper left corner, and the two narrow cards to the far right)

7.) LuAnn's iron was on a low setting and parchment paper protected the painted cloth.

What Fun! What possibilities!

It could have been a messy, gloopy disaster -- but LuAnn thought of everything -- plastic to cover the tables, cloth squares, paint, wooden sticks for us to use for "twirling", a bucket for trash, a different bucket for throw away today, but take it home to be cleaned up and used again, pretty, hand-dyed "rags" for dealing with excess shaving cream, the ironing board. . . I'm glad I didn't have to pack her car to come to this meeting!

She gave instructions and a quick demo and let us have at it. . . when we whined "I don't like the way this came out." she would just wave her hand and say "Make another one!

Thanks for a great time, LuAnne! 

Luann is just incredibly talented and prolific -- she quilts, she dyes, she designs, she teaches, and she blogs about it all at Let's Create Today.